You Don’t Have to Be A Christian To Defend Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Yes, the Booby said “Merry Christmas”! Oh, the horror!

“But, is the Booby not an agnostic?” You ask.

Sure. What of it?

Agnostic or not, the Booby is here to defend Christmas. “Why should a non-Christian care about Christmas?”, you wonder aloud. Simple. No matter how clever, intellectual, or modern we may think we are, we possess a history and inherit traditions just like anyone else. No people’s history is perfect, and none is worthless. That is as true for Western Civilization as it is for its neighbours and rivals.

Daily now, a wide spectrum of observers laments the continuing attempts to remove Christmas from all our national symbols and public displays. Here is one, it’s as good as any, with a link to the full commentary below:

When I was a child in the 1950s, the magic of Christmas was promoted in the schools. We sang Christmas carols in the classroom. There were cutouts of the Nativity scene on the bulletin board, along with the smiling, chubby face of Santa and Rudolph. We were all acutely aware that Christmas was magic.

Fast forward to the present day, and there is a phobia surrounding Christmas that has turned it into fodder for the politically correct culture wars.

John Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute.

Like it or not, fellas, Christianity is a major feature of Western Civilization, as is our hard-won freedom to choose for ourselves whether or not to accept Christianity as our faith. The religion of our forefathers is inescapably a part of us, whether we’re believers or not. When we attack Christianity for its own sake, as our so-called intellectuals love to do, we attack ourselves, our history, and our heritage.

Attempts to expunge our Christian history are no more noble than, say, the Taliban’s attempts to demolish Buddhist statues, or the Conquistadores’ attempts to wipe out New World art and symbolism. It’s a totalitarian human impulse as old as our species. If you actually believe that the sociology professor from your local university is above such behaviour… well, then the Booby has a bridge to sell ya.

The people who founded our modern nations were Christians, the people who built our roads, our industries, our businesses, were primarily Christians. Those who fought against totalitarianism in the 20th Century were overwhelmingly Christians, too, though certainly to varying degrees of devoutness. And all of them were as fallible, human, and prone to transgression as the rest of us, but their legacy in part made us who we are today, like it or not.

Midnight Mass
Depiction of a traditional Christmas in French Canada.

Even if you’re a non-Christian immigrant, or a descendant of non-Christian immigrants, Christianity is now a part of your heritage, too, just by virtue of adopting the governmental, legal, and economic traditions of your new country. Either you or your descendants consciously and knowingly chose to make a home in a country that was founded, settled, built, and defended largely by Christians. We’re free to choose whether to believe in God or to go to church, but we can’t deny our place in a society forged by the beliefs of those who once did.

As for those who rage against Christianity (and by extension, Christmas) from our colleges and universities, just remember that they did not found any great nations, they created no productive industries, generated no spectacular wealth. And, more importantly, nor did they fight against totalitarianism (though they would certainly like to practice it). All they know is the inherited privilege and inner rage of the self-described intellectual. The only thing more pathetic than they are the politicians, bureaucrats, corporations, and journalists who cowardly submit to the dark pall of political correctness rapidly descending over Western Civilization.

So, whether you’re a Christian or not, the Booby encourages you to enjoy the holiday, and  appreciate even those images, songs, and words most steeped in Christian religion. They are, after all, your heritage, too, and no amount of kicking and screaming can change that.

Wounded American GIs on Omaha Beach, 1944. For many of those who survived, Christmas 1945 would be the greatest of their lives.

Most of all, the Booby encourages you to resist and expose those who choose to hate their own heritage, or those merely too cowardly to stand up to them. Remember those young men who spilled their blood on the beaches of Normandy to safeguard the world we enjoy today. They believed in Christmas. Do we denigrate their beliefs, their traditions, and their legacy? And if so, at whose behest? An elite subculture of academics, fashionistas, and urban hipsters?

Not the Booby.

Merry Christmas, friends.