In the News: A Syrian Bombshell

Occasionally the Booby is going to interrupt his regular postings to call attention to a particularly significant happening in the news. This will be the first, and it’s a doozy.

This past week President Trump announced that he is ending the mission of US combat troops in Syria. The Booby’s guessing that a minority of Westerners actually knew US combat troops were even on the ground in Syria. The news junkies are an obvious exception:

The reactions to this decision from the US mainstream media and US “experts” have been largely critical, and entirely predictable.

New York Times:

Wall Street Journal:

Reactions from beyond the US are sometimes more nuanced.

The Guardian:

The Booby will avoid taking overt sides in this matter, except to stress how unprecedented this decision is. An honest heart-to-heart discussion with readers can be expected on December 26th. The Booby wishes to leave the Christmas season in peace, and will not post his comments until that day.

Rest assured, fellas, this heart-to-heart will not be the kind of idiotic CNN vs Fox analysis we see in network news. The topic will be about the true nature of international rivalries, warfare, and empire. It is a discussion the West’s elites have never had with their own citizens.

You’re invited to return to The Red-Footed Booby on December 26th. It’s time America’s citizens and the citizens of her allies had an honest talk among themselves.

More on the 26th.



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