In the News: U.S. Federal Court Rules Women Are Not Exempt From Registering for the Draft

Here’s a news-item that isn’t getting a lot of attention, but it should. Quite simply, we may be witnessing the accelerated demise of the American Empire, the Pax Americana, the new world order, or whatever you wish to call it. Yes, fellas, it’s that important, and you probably don’t fully understand why.

Let the Booby enlighten you:

This week a US federal judge decided it is unconstitutional to require that only men register for the draft (see here). While the ruling does not dictate what specific actions the military must take in order to make the registry constitutional, it’s clear that either 1) the draft registry will have to be abolished, or 2) women will be subject to draft registration exactly as men are.

This ruling should be sending shock waves around the world, but as of this time it is still not. Apparently, the significance has not yet set in.

You readers who are new to the Booby may have missed an earlier column in which he honestly laid bare the realities that go with pursuing and maintaining empire (see here). You see, having an empire isn’t cheap, and the Booby ain’t just talkin’ money. As the British, Germans, French, and Russians know all-too-well, maintaining empire requires countries to go to war. Sometimes those wars are huge, and these require huge numbers of young men to populate the battlefields, as was the case with the two official world wars of last century.

Normandy, 1944.  …World wars require a great many, mostly young, fellas to face the meat-grinder.

The last war that required the US to implement a draft was Vietnam, not a large war relatively speaking, but large enough to require civilian conscription. Any similar-sized confrontation, or even a larger one, would potentially require the US to once again implement the draft. There’s just one problem:

For all the pomp and circumstance about “equality” hyped by feminists and their supporters, the truth is that the comfortable American middle- and upper-middle classes will not allow their white, bourgeois princesses to be drafted en masse and sent into combat.

This will be a problem for the US military. As we saw, for example, with the Jessica Lynch story (see here and here) during the second Iraq war, the military is not only reticent to expose young women to combat and life-threatening situations, but it simultaneously feels obliged to treat female soldiers differently, sometimes by exaggerating their deeds or lying about their travails. People tend to notice these things. This creates a no-win situation from the military’s perspective.

Now, in the event of a war large enough to require a draft, the state now must contend with drafting female recruits in presumably equal numbers to men, lest the obvious implications for sexism accusations take root, not to mention potential legal and constitutional challenges to the draft process.

You see, the problem is that our elite feminists primarily come from the previously mentioned population of bourgeois – that is to say, middle- and upper-middle class – white girls in college. Most do not know it yet, while some never accept it, but they are/were in college precisely because they are pampered, privileged, and protected. University is a way – albeit unspoken – for parents to rest assured their Courtney won’t serve a life sentence dirtying her hands in the real world, like those deplorable working-class girls. A liberal arts faculty is as good a place as any to keep her sheltered, while simultaneously cultivating Courtney’s sense of victimhood.

Have no illusions, these parents will not tolerate seeing their princesses come back from the Russian front missing arms, legs, eyes, or some combination thereof… assuming they come back at all. A major war, requiring a draft, will be domestic political suicide especially once aforementioned daughters start coming home in body bags, or missing assorted pieces. This is why a major war must now be avoided at all costs so long as the republic remains a democracy, or at least like the current approximation thereof.

Remember the Vietnam anti-war movement? Iraq?

Is the military going to explain to its male conscripts why their women counterparts must be protected, shielded, or treated differently lest a political earthquake threaten the war effort?

Or is the nation going to further ignite class-tensions by conveniently finding ways for Courtney to avoid the draft, and instead send inner-city black girls and rural white girls into the meat grinder in her place?

Hmmm, perhaps some future version of Credence Clearwater Revival will sing:

It ain’t me; it ain’t me
I ain’t no human resources consultant’s daughter, no, no

Kind of has a nice ring to it…

Alternatively, if the US military does not wish to deal with any this, the government will simply have to abolish the draft, which will effectively prevent the US from fighting any future wars larger than, say, Panama, Kuwait, or Grenada. World wars will be out of the question, as will even medium-sized altercations, like Vietnam.

This will obviously change the dynamics of the global balance of power, especially as China continues to gather strength, Russia appears determined to reverse its post-Cold War military decline, all while Europe nannies a domestic population even less willing to fight world wars than that of the US.

Chinese Military Parade, Source:  Shanghai Daily

Now, the Booby knows his readers will not be unanimous in their interpretation of this. Some of you will cheer the eclipse of American dominance, while some of you will lament it. The Booby is taking no sides here. His job is only to draw your attention to how dramatically this may change our world over a fairly short period of time.

At any rate, fellas, those of you who live in Western countries – including the US – are going to be less likely than ever to have to fight in a world war. In an odd way, by taking feminism to its logical conclusion our society may have actually saved your bacon should major hostilities break out somewhere in the world… assuming you’re a reader of draft age. You will, however, now also be increasingly less likely to benefit from living in, or under, the umbrella of the empire. Consider, as just one example, the economic implications of the US dollar losing its global reserve currency status (see here).

It will be for historians of the future to judge all the ramifications in their totality. The Booby, for his part, will just kick back and crack a beer… perhaps a draft beer.





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