In the News: International Conference on Men’s Issues 2019

Hey, fellas:

The Booby’s interrupting his regular schedule of posts to bring your attention to a “men’s issues” conference.

As you know, the Red-Footed Booby isn’t so much a “men’s issues” site as a casual site where men, young and old, can recieve sincere and well-intended advice and guidance in a world gone mad. Such resources are necessary only because hateful political ideologies and divisive quasi-religions – like political correctness, feminism, and social justice warrior-ism – have become entrenched everywhere in the modern West today, from marriage law to government to popular culture.

For this reason, he is happy to bring your attention to the International Conference on Men’s Issues 2019, to be held this August in Chicago. From their website:

The International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI) is a series of annual conferences dealing with social and legal issues that disproportionately affect men and boys.

Learn more about it here.

As it does every year the conference hosts presentations from concerned citizens – men and women alike – who are willing to challenge the academic and Hollywood dogma that has made misandry one of the dominant ideologies of the modern era.

Logo for ICMI 2019

From those seeking justice for the wrongly accused, to those wishing to promote men’s psychological health in defiance of the bigoted APA, you will find countless interesting speakers at ICMI.

Check out their website, or even attend if you’re willing and able.


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