To Be A Bully, You Must First Become A Victim: Welcome to the Age of Political Correctness

Let’s start today’s post with a history lesson, fellas, especially for those of you who are under 40.

There was a time when people regarded bullying as something one ought not to do. Sure, there were schoolyard bullies, typically a product of parents unwilling to discipline their children at home, but these were the exception. Yes, there were people who enjoyed taunting and demeaning others because of their colour or ethnicity, but most people, even the more xenophobic, would ultimately put their feet down should such bullying take extreme forms… usually.

This may all sound quaint and old fashioned, and you may ask “what has this to do with me?” Well, it has everything to do with you, friends. In the modern age, despite idiotic public awareness campaigns decrying bullying, the act of bullying as become more prevalent and fashionable than ever. Some people blame technologies, like Facebook and Twitter. They are wrong. Bullying boils down to one specific principle of human nature, one that doesn’t get taught in any psychology or sociology department: it’s fun to kick ass; it feels good. Victory is intoxicating.

There was a time when most every parent, or at least most every father, knew this. The joy of kicking ass is perfectly normal, and is an instinct imbued upon us by nature. Good parents knew it was necessary to stifle that instinct, for allowing it to run roughshod could be ultimately self-defeating and create problems in the community. They also understood that it was a natural impulse, not a sin, and strove to redirect it to positive pursuits, like sports or organized competition.

Bullying In a PC World
Bullying has not gone away. It never will. It simply takes on new forms, and can become more or less prevalent; more, as when anti-Jewish feelings erupted in Germany after that country lost the First World War. This is an interesting example, because relative to many other countries in Europe, Germany was not particularly anti-Semitic prior to WWI. Of course, most Germans also believed then, and not without reason, that their country was among the powerful elite at that time, too. After a crushing, humiliating defeat and its aftermath it was predictable that Germans would seek out a weaker adversary and show that they can still kick some ass.

It may not be pretty, but are you still so childlike that you expect nature to be pretty?

Today bullying has become an industry. It’s called the news media. More accurately, you could call the news media an industry that capitalizes on the form of bullying that has been instilled by “higher education”. The Booby’s referring, of course, to victim-worship, or political correctness.

Our political class, since the 1960s, has become increasingly obsessed with finding “victims” of the non-straight white male variety, and elevating them to the status of demi-gods. The end result is the rationalization of an increasingly hateful and vindictive campaign against the aforementioned group, in addition to a few other fashionable targets, like Christians (especially Catholics) or Western Civilization in general.

The important takeaway is that this campaign of bullying is perfectly mainstream. No upstanding member of the upper-middle and upper classes questions it any longer, no more than they question the fact that acid-wash jeans went out in the 80s. People don’t change; fashions do. Kicking ass is as irresistible today as it’s ever been. Those who wish to be bullies and still look good on TV, or glow with righteousness at the office water cooler, are conscious of exactly whom they may, and may not, target. Indeed, it’s of particular importance among fashionable white people today to be seen wallowing in “white guilt” or prostrating themselves at the feet of an organized special-interest group.

Of course, if you believe the identity politics of our campuses has anything to do with “equality”, “fairness”, or “justice”, you’re really not paying attention. The public attack we recently saw again Nick Sandmann – a child – demonstrates the vindictiveness and raw hatred of the mainstream moral majority. If you’re not familiar with the case, read about it here.

Suffice it say the incident involved a brief video clip that appeared to show the (white) youngster aggressively staring down a Native American activist at a rally while wearing a

Nick Sandmann, the evil oppressor from whom Hollywood and our social justice warriors so gallantly protected the victims of the world.

MAGA hat. When viewed in full, however, the video actually showed that the opposite was the case, it was young Mr. Sandmann who was being aggressively confronted by the Native American activist. No matter. The media either didn’t bother to watch the full video or suppressed it. Within hours it went viral and our mainstream moral majority was calling for young Mr. Sandmann’s head. Celebrities like Kathy Griffin called on the public to destroy his name, reputation, and future. Alyssa Milano even accused him of “toxic masculinity” (oh, there’s that term again, see here).

The fact is, that in addition to the Native American activists there were also activists from self-described black groups there that day, too, and they openly confronted these high schoolers with racist words and  threatening behaviour. This fact is mysteriously ignored by the mainstream media and our Oprah-ist moral majority, despite both being so ostensibly concerned about racism. Young Mr. Sandmann – again, a child – and his classmates were called “faggots” and “white crackers”, while many of the Natives shouted “White people, go back to Europe” (see here). Most importantly, these actions were undertaken with the complete confidence that neither the mainstream media nor the moral majority would mention them, let alone object. They were right.

This is bullying in its most cowardly form. Since the 1960s the straight white male has become the accepted target of fashionable hatred and contempt. This was never about justice.

We should ask Alyssa Milano, perhaps, if those black men who called young Mr. Sandmann a “faggot” were expressing “toxic masculinity”? Don’t bother. Only males of a certain skin tone can be criticized (and bullied) for such deeds. We could similarly ask the Native American activists if an immigrant from, say Ghana, who arrived in the 1960s, should “go back to Africa”, just as a white immigrant from, say Hungary, who arrived in the 1970s, should presumably “go back to Europe”. Don’t bother. It is only acceptable to bully the white immigrant, who is no more or less culturally responsible for the actions of people 200 years ago than the aforesaid African immigrant. Indeed, Hungarians played no role, unlike the British, French, and Spanish, in conquering the Americas. No matter, it’s enough that he’s white.

Bullies don’t care about logic. They’re too busy bravely kicking ass, and it feels great.


Of course, our academic elites have bundled myriad groups together with the holy designation of “victim”, not for the purpose of alleviating injustice or providing calm, but rather to incite hatred, hatred that gets justified when ejaculated from behind the protective cover of victim-ness.

Let’s Call Out the Mainstream for What It Is
OK, fellas. As you know, the Red-Footed Booby is a site for men, young and old. It’s not just for white men or black men or even just straight men. It’s purpose is to offer sincere, well-intended advice to fellas in a world gone mad, and there can be no doubting anymore that the world is going ever more mad.

So here it is:

The Booby submits that bullying is not a behaviour becoming of good men. On the contrary, it implies weakness and often compensates for a humiliating sense of meekness, and constantly seeks revenge. Or, it can merely imply bad parenting, spawn who have never found positive outlets for their aggressive instincts. Either way, sooner or later bullying will end poorly for you, and probably for a great many others, too.

The Booby isn’t trying to deflect attention away from those, say blacks or Native Americans, who have been bullied at various times in their lives, either. However, as the aforementioned Nick Sandmann incident shows, bullying blacks and Native Americans isn’t considered acceptable by mainstream culture. The mainstream media and Hollywood, who were so quick and vicious in their attacks upon Mr. Sandmann, were disgracefully silent once the video exposed the non-white male bigots. Obviously, bullying a teenage boy, who happens to be white, and who happens to support an unpopular politician is, by contrast, fully acceptable.

The incident shows just how eager mainstream culture is to destroy the life of anyone who is white, male, and straight – and, if he happens to be Catholic, too – well, so much the better. True men should behave better than this.

The Booby has said it before, judge a man based on his actions and deeds, not on whichever category (racial, ethnic, or otherwise) he falls into. The problem with identity politics is, the more you personally identify with your category the less of an individual you become, and the more of a caricature of that category you embody. You abdicate the right to be treated as an individual. You will experience feelings of power as part of the mob, yes, but you will sacrifice your soul in the process.

Earlier, the Booby mentioned the Germans of the 1920s and 30s. In the midst of defeat, they sought out a numerically weak victim – namely, Europe’s Jews – but if you listen close to what their leaders were saying it wasn’t so different from the modern victim narrative. According to the Nazis, the Jews were an all-powerful cabal, controlling banks, whole countries, and the global financial system. Poor little Germany was victimized by these mighty overlords, who caused them to unfairly lose WWI and suffer dire consequences.

It was a great narrative. Blaming the real groups who caused Germany to lose WWI – namely, the Allied Powers – would not have produced a weak target whose ass could be subsequently kicked. The Jews, by contrast, were vulnerable enough to be an easy target, and generally successful enough to inspire sufficient resentment and envy.

The embarrassed celebrities whose hateful behaviour was exposed by the Nick Sandmann incident could only cling ever more desperately to the victim narrative after the full video revealed the truth. Alyssa Milano declared that a President Trump hat is equivalent to wearing the white robes of the KKK, so therefore she was of course justified in piling on during an attack on a teenage boy.

We should listen to the voices of sanity, while we still can. Whatever one’s opinion of Candace Owens, she personally experienced the mob mentality of the political correctness and social justice warrior crowd firsthand. She exposes the mainstream for what it is, and warns whoever’s listening about the danger of adopting a victim caricature:

If part of your adopted caricature is “victim”, then a victim you will be. The Siren call to use your victimhood as a blank cheque to kick ass and engage in bullying is seductive. Resist it, even if it’s fashionable. The women on The View don’t care about you as a person. They care about your relation to the cult of victim-ness, for that opens the spigots of their rage, and allows them to pile on when the bullying explodes.

Again, people don’t change. Fashions do.

How important is it to you that you appear mainstream and stylishly progressive? Important enough to bully a teenage boy?

How important is it to you that you finally experience the thrill of piling on a vulnerable target, knowing you yourself are untouchable by virtue of the protection of your group, whether that be a street gang, or bourgeois “good society”?

How important is it to you to avenge your humiliating meekness or littleness on someone – literally, anyone, even a child – so you can show the world that you, too, can kick some ass?

Better question: are you truly a man?

The New Testament says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Let’s hope not.






8 thoughts on “To Be A Bully, You Must First Become A Victim: Welcome to the Age of Political Correctness

  1. Good stuff. Refreshing to read advice for guys that skips the Jew stuff, racial determinism and pickup artistry. Honkeytopia will never exist and nobody’s going to drive the Hebrews back across the Red Sea. We either learn to live together or hang separately.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When the balloon eventually goes up how far things go…will depend a lot on how the anti whites react.

    If they’re still purity spiraling mob dynamics will ratchet up into more and greater cruelties.

    Many anti whites literally live in cloud cuckoo land. Many will implode many will explode.

    The willingness and ability to compromise will dissipate.

    The hope that violence can be controlled once unleashed is almost always a futile one. Especially for conflicts that have been simmering for decades.

    Nature always has the last word.

    Digging in with an underground bunker and a weapons supply is foolish and a waste of resources, but building a network of like-minded individuals and have some sort of contingency plans should things go south, can’t hurt.

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  3. Just an update, fellas:

    The Booby tried to post this article on his Facebook account, and the powers that be pulled it down.

    Their explanation was that it doesn’t “meet their community standards”.

    We’ve gone full-on Orwellian now.


  4. Great article, Booby! This is Drifter using the handle Rock Bobster (as you can see I’m now able to log in, I just had to change my email). I fought bullies my entire life. Being cowards they are looking for an easy victory. I refuse to give them that.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks Drifter, good to see you here. Yes, there’s no bigger coward than the political correctness bully who knows he (well, usually she, let’s not lie) is untouchable, and can look to Hollywood and the mainstream media to stand behind them and provide approval.

    The Booby’s latest book review is by a guy who teaches how to fight them:

    It’s a must-have for a modern fella’s book collection.

    Liked by 1 person

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