Booby Books: “Social Justice Warriors Always Lie” by Vox Day

OK, fellas, you’ve no doubt heard the Booby tell you the world has “gone mad”, that there is a religious inquisition going on in the West today, and the Booby is here to help you navigate through this madness.

Today’s Booby Book is an important tool for your self-defense. In today’s world you must defend your reputation against all manner of attacks from those imbued with the zealotry of political correctness, which means you must also defend your employability, your finances, and perhaps even your freedom.

The full title of today’s book is Social Justice Warriors Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police by Vox Day. The book itself is a semi-autobiographical account of the author’s own struggles against social justice warriors (SJWs) in the video gaming community, as well as a blueprint on how to deal with attacks from the political correctness movement. In his own words

The goal of this book is to show you how SJWs operate, teach you how to see through their words, explain how to correctly anticipate their actions, and give you the weapons you need to successfully thwart their inevitable attempts to disqualify you, discredit you, and destroy your reputation.

And so it is.

The Booby’s regular readers already know that Booby Books are chosen for their ability to educate, as opposed to their capacity to entertain.

We’ve all seen people in public life, from Larry Summers (see here) to Bret Kavanaugh (see here), attacked by the fanatics of the social justice warrior ethos. We live in an age where a casual comment, a joke told in the wrong company, a word taken out of context, or even a false accusation can destroy careers, reputations, and lives.

This is why Mr. Day’s book is important and educational.

There are two main lessons which can be gleaned from SJWs Always Lie, or at least two the Booby will focus on here: 1) how SJWs attack, as in their tactics and their motives, including vengefulness and gaining name-recognition within the movement; and 2) how to defend yourself from SJWs. As the author reminds us, it’s not just people in the public eye who are susceptible to attack. This is why we fellas need to pay attention, and not just if you’re a straight white male. Which brings us to point 1).

SJW Tactics
Mr. Day identifies for us what he calls the “three laws of SJW” and dissects their patterns of attack. The Booby isn’t going to completely break these down for you here; you can read SJWs Alway Lie for yourself. However, he’ll give you a sample of what it contains.

SJWism is an ideology, pure and simple. Like any ideology it defines who is good and 41S7+qrUYILwho is evil according to its own tenets. This is critical because, as the author shows, there is no allowance for difference of opinion. The ideology is all-knowing. If you are, say black, but don’t agree with affirmative action on principle, as many blacks do not, then you are a white supremacist. Yes, a black person can be labelled a white supremacist for the most petty of reasons, just ask Charles Barkley (see here).

The most familiar stage in the SJW attack sequence is the one the author describes as “point and shriek”. This refers to the act of calling fellow ideologues to arms, or “to summon other SJWs by pointing at the target and shrieking about how terrible, outrageous, and completely unacceptable he is”. This has become especially effective in the last couple decades, since by now most of the mainstream media are either themselves fully on board with SJW-ism or else they have been terrorized into going along with it, having seen what happens to those who do not.

This sets off the well-known course of events we see every day, where the “thought police” seize upon something someone says, said decades ago, or was reputed to have once said, and thus incites the mob to attack, demand firings, criminal charges, or public shaming.

What You Can Do
Obviously, this is the most important aspect of this book. With each passing year the odds that you will attacked by SJWs increases. Mr. Day provides readers with excellent advice on dealing with it.

One example he provides, and one that surprisingly few targets have historically employed, is resolve. Specifically, Mr. Day implores those who have been attacked by SJWs not to apologize to their attackers, either privately or in public. He points to a long list of prominent people, from Larry Summers to Sir Tim Hunt, whose apologies not did not help their cause but merely served to surrender ownership of the moral high ground to the inquisition. Stand your ground. Your words may be politically incorrect, but that doesn’t necessarily make you a racist, sexist, or whatever. Apologizing provides legitimacy to the attacker.

Remember, SJWs are typically cowards. They attack in packs, and feel oh-so-secure that they themselves will never be held accountable for their accusations and defamations. About this, they are usually correct. And for this reason, they believe themselves to be all-powerful…

And yet the world watched, dumbstruck, as Donald Trump rose to power despite his refusal to kowtow to the political correctness Cheka. The mainstream media and Hollywood threw everything they had at him, yet could not destroy his electability. Unlike others before him he refused to apologize, and this only further infuriated the inquisitors. In actuality, their political correctness campaign further jaundiced the public’s view of the media and the SJW narrative it repeats ad nausium, or at least for those members of the public who are not already ideologically committed to SJW-ism.

But let’s be honest. This book isn’t for politicians, it’s to help regular people defend themselves in this mad world of ours. And as for Mr. Trump, the Booby is ambivalent. Love him or hate him, his example is informative.

Another important point to be gleaned from SJWs Alway Lie is the growing importance of documenting everything you do or say, including emails, or even recording conversations with, say, human resources people, bosses, or other co-workers. This is true before you are attacked, but it is especially true after you have been attacked. As he rightly points out:

The legal requirements of due process tend to stand directly in the way of the SJW desire for secrecy, their need to avoid documentation, and their preference for rapid purges that are completed before anyone else even realizes they are taking place.

More prophetic words have never been written. The Bret Kavanaugh debacle was the most glaring example of SJWs contempt for “due process”. Indeed, the insidious media acquiescence to the “Believe Women” movement demonstrated that due process is the enemy of SJWs. In actuality, feminists have for decades been advocating that men accused of sexual assault should be presumed guilty until proven innocent, but it wasn’t until the Justice Kavanaugh hearings that such a pernicious idea became mainstream in “good society”.

Vox Day’s book is chalk-full of similar advice and ideas to help people protect themselves in the age of political correctness. The Booby has only touched on a few.

The book is a must-have in today’s world, especially for fellas. SJW attacks have joined the ranks of debt-servitude, divorce court, and addiction as among the greatest dangers men face in their quest for financial independence.

No book is perfect. SJWs Always Lie has its flaws, like the tedious accounts of the author’s struggles in the video gaming community (“gamergate”), not to mention the unfortunate inclusion of a forward by the professional buffoon, Milo Yiannopoulos. More importantly, however, the fact remains that this book can be one the most important tools at your disposal. Use it to prepare yourself for, and to defend yourself against, attacks by our modern-day Stalinists.

The Booby urges you to not only read it, but keep it close at hand for future reference. You’re fooling yourself if you believe you will never encounter a SJW attack. Indeed, as the world goes madder by the day even SJWs themselves are coming under attack (see here).

Be ready.


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