The Real College Scandal: Hate Politics Gone Hollywood Chic

Welcome back, fellas, and welcome to the mid-week.

Ever look around at the state of our mad world and wonder how the hell we got here? Well, this week the Booby’s going talk about just that.

Those of you who watch the news, or those unable to adequately tune it out, have no doubt heard about the recent scandals in America’s ivy-league schools. In case you haven’t heard, many wealthy families have been caught red-handed bribing officials from various universities into allowing their precious princes and princesses into the supposedly “best” universities and colleges in the country. It’s a disgrace, to be sure, but it doesn’t touch on the true disgrace of what the upper-echelon institutions have become over the course of the last half century or so.

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The Booby guesses that not too many of his readers have, or once had, parents with the means to send them to ivy league universities, let alone parents with the means to bribe them into ivy league universities. Well, as it happens, these places are a major source of the madness you’re seeing around you every day. The playgrounds of the super rich just happen to also give birth to the most dangerous of rich kids’ games. The Booby’s referring, of course, to hate politics, revolutionary politics, or whatever we wish to call it.

As we’ve seen from the above scandal rich folks are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure their priceless treasures can obtain degrees from the most fashionable universities with the greatest name recognition (see here and here). Meanwhile, the universities themselves frantically compete with each other to be the avant garde of radical politics, the kind so sought after by the avant garde of arts and letters. In our era that means such fashions as political correctness, or identity politics.

The recent scandals provide confirmation of what everyone has known for decades: The top universities of the Western world are the exclusive enclave of the rich. But they are much more than that. They are, counter-intuitively, the trend-setters for all manner of ultra left-wing ideological fashions, like the Marxism of yesteryear, and the identity politics of today.

While those with long memories may still reminisce to a time when the left supposedly belaboured the plight of workers and the poor, in the final analysis that, too, was just an illusion. After all, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao were the icons of the old left, and few, if any, avant garde intellectuals and artists on this side of the East-West divide were the least bit bothered by the latter dictators’ extermination policies which left tens of millions of workers and poor people dead, and tens of millions more exploited as slave labourers.

Just a few of the tens of thousands of victims of Lenin’s CHEKA, the USSR’s original secret police force.

In other words, the left has always been the playground of the spoiled rich, the eminantly privileged, or the merely bourgeois. From Picasso to Jane Fonda, from Jean Paul Sartre to Noam Chomsky, from Diego Rivera to Ernest Hemingway, the self-described revolutionaries of comfortable upbringing have found quasi-religious fulfillment courtesy of the varied sub-cultures which sprout from the heads of those attending the world’s top universities.

Needless to say, once Oxford, Harvard, or the Sorbonne establish the latest intellectual fashion statement then the second-tier institutions must soon scramble to emulate it. Once this happens, there are literally millions of children, or at best young adults (VERY young adults), entering campuses, and eager to show the world how sophisticated, intellectual, and progressive they are, many casting contemptuous or pitying glances at their provincial, bumpkin, working-class parents with all their provincial, bumpkin, working-class values and beliefs.

Today progressive young hipsters can display their edginess with T-shirts purchased from online retailers.

Indeed, it is a story as old as civilization. As a social class ascends the wealth ladder its subsequent generations lose interest in that which originally made them wealthy, and decadence easily sets in.

And the other story, just as old as civilization, is how the wealthy and the fashionable slowly become sequestered from the rest of society – that is to say, the workers and the poor – and increasingly grow contemptuous of the plebeians.

Today, we also have our wealthy and fashionable classes (not to mention their millions of talkshow-watching hangers-on) who also like to regard the poor and the workers as “deplorables”… or at least the white ones at any rate. In actuality, it’s no secret they have just as much contempt for poor and working-class minorities, too, but they dare not admit it to themselves. We all know you’re just as unlikely to find our educated fashionistas living among urban blacks as among rural whites, but that’s neither here nor there. The former provide our elites with a much needed prop for their gaudy morality plays, and the latter with a villain.

That such unconquerable hatred exists among the wealthy classes, or among those who merely wish to emulate them, is the true campus scandal. These days this hatred is mostly directed at white people, or at men (particularly if they’re white and straight), as well as the dwindling few who still practice the religion of our various nations’ founders. That includes a great many of you, fellas.

In the last 50 years or so the spectacle has become ever more surreal. It was not too long ago – as recently as the 1990s – that the elites of the fashion world and academia reserved their deepest hatred for rich people and corporations, especially American rich people and American corporations. No longer.

Today it is rich people (especially rich American people) and the boardrooms of the largest corporations (especially American corporations) where radical left-wing ideology is most entrenched and subsequently unleashed, not upon themselves of course, but upon the working class and the poor of the Western World, or at least what used to be the Western World.

This is possible only because the radical left has finally managed to completely usurp the faculties and campuses of which we speak. Thus, radical politics have now become completely mainstream, no longer radical. They’re now as fashionable at the cocktail parties of Hollywood or Cannes as in the head offices of Google or Apple.

It’s true the far left has always been the favourite plaything of self-described intellectuals, but previous to the 1960s it still had to compete with traditional and conservative narratives in academia and within the institutions of the state and big business. No longer.

Watch the video below of Candace Owens, the black conservative activist, being harassed, threatened, and verbally attacked on campus by privileged white kids in the name of “anti-racism”. This, as she tries to calmly talk to two young black students who are trying to hear what she has to say.

This is truly odd. The protesters attacking Miss Owens are not some oppressed minority fighting against a repressive establishment. They ARE the establishment. They may not speak for every student on campus, but they are the explicit products of the faculty, the administration, and the broad academic climate in general. The lone black woman they’re trying to silence is the one opposing a dominant, monolithic ideology, and standing against what the establishment preaches. In other words, these attackers aren’t protesters, they’re unofficial mercenaries of the state.

Of course, it’s therefore not hard to understand why executives in the mainstream media, for example, can celebrate a mass murder, like the 2017 tragedy in Las Vegas, when the victims are white country music fans (see here). Not surprisingly, the celebrants have absolutely no words of condemnation for academics who call for the extermination of white people, which for some strange reason is not considered racist (see here and here). After all, they come from the same institutions of “higher” learning. The fact that some go on to teach sociology while others go on to editorial boards in the corporate media is hardly relevant.

Professor Richard Dawkins’ tweeted the above message just hours after the Las Vegas mass murder of October 2017.

This is the true college scandal. Hatred passes for morality. Racism passes for tolerance. And irrespective of whether such views are unanimously held by all within academia, the truth is that the braintrust of our intelligentsia is at least unanimous in its willingness to tolerate and even encourage such behaviour.

It is this environment into which the richest of the rich will eagerly bribe their children. It is this environment, fellas, that sets the tone for the pop culture you naively consume, for the news you casually read, and for the attitudes that your more contemporary fellows hold towards you and increasingly towards each other.

It is indeed a world gone mad. That the madness so often stems from our so-called “best and brightest” is truly an unprecedented scandal.


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