In the News: The Jesse Smollett Case: (In)Justice Goes Hollywood Chic

The Booby’s going to guess that most of you have been involved in sports at some point in your lives, even if only as spectators. As such we all know the irrational anger we can sometime feel when a referee’s bad call costs your team. In a flash of outrage we can often feel as though we’ve been wronged, suffered from favouritism, or from some kind of shenanigans.

Fortunately, calm typically sets in and we eventually forget the perceived injustice and move on. Bad calls happen. Referees are human.

But what happens when the calls are so bad, and so frequent, and so blatant that you suddenly realize the game really is rigged against you? Few of us have, if ever, experienced this for real in sports, either as players or as spectators.

However, we are now experiencing it every day, not on a playing field or in an arena, but in real life. Political correctness has redefined what is and is not legal, at least for whom, and has done so on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, or orientation.

Recently, the Jesse Smollett case took yet another strange turn after his television co-stars appealed to Fox executives to bring the actor back for a new season of Empire (see here). We have to let this sink in: the actor’s colleagues don’t want to see him punished for commiting extremely serious criminal offenses, including faking a racial attack, filing a false police report about it, and publicizing/profiting from the incident. Now, whether we accept the sympathetic explanation that Mr. Smollett was simply craving attention, he nevertheless also committed acts intended to create outrage, and ignite whatever consequences that may have come from it.

But our elites forgive him. Having criminal charges dropped under dubious circumstances (see here) was apparently just the beginning of modern high society’s willingness to engage in double-standards and gross injustice.

You see, it’s not just that he staged an attack by white, blue-collar types – it was staged so that the attackers were also wearing MAGA hats. This was not an accident. It was meant to deliberately portray Trump-supporters – all of them – as deserving of whatever revenge others inflict upon them.

We already know the authorities are reticent about bring hate crime charges when victims are white (see here) and that the media likes to downplay attacks on whites… especially white males (see here). Indeed, the more infamous case in which four black teens kidnapped a disabled white man, then proceeded to record themselves beating and torturing their victim while shouting racist slurs at him was even more telling. It took several tries to get the perpetrators to get charged with hate crimes after a Chicago judge initially dropped those charges (see here).

Both of these cases are in Chicago, and both are cases in which groups of blacks attacked white people, and did so while essentially declaring that their victims deserved what they got for being white or for “voting for Trump”. When Jesse Smollett faked his attack by people wearing MAGA hats he had to have known exactly what he was doing, and what consequences could have followed in its wake.

In the real world, citizens see this kind of behaviour as not only vile, but potentially capable of inciting further violence and unleashing ever more attacks. In Hollywood and in the mainstream media, however, people see things differently (see here). According to actress Alyssa Milano, for example, the MAGA hat is the modern equivalent to the white KKK hood (see here). In other words, anyone in a MAGA hat gets what he deserves. As is becoming typical we’re increasingly seeing violence advocated against whites (especially white men) for simply not voting the way our elites would have liked (see here, here, and here).

State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx, ordered all charges against Jesse Smollett be dropped.

The clear case of racially-motivated double-standards is no longer debatable, and that is what makes Jesse Smollett’s crime so heinous. It was clearly designed to not only to get him the “attention” he so craved, but to feed a racial powder keg which is becoming more unstable by the day. The entire incident was choreographed along an ideological narrative unquestioned by those on the modern left, that is to say, the modern political establishment.

So Mr. Smollett will face no repercussions for his actions. He’s non-white, he’s gay, and he’s Hollywood chic. For these reasons he’s held to a different standard in the current justice system, and among his peers. This is how “equality” is now defined by our academic betters.

Of course, the intelligentsia was not so forgiving for the rants of people like Michael Richards, Don Imus, or Mel Gibson (see here). While these mens’ now infamous outbursts were themselves stupid and worthy of ridicule the fact is none of them committed an actual crime, unlike Mr. Smollett, and certainly none of them was publicly trying to incite racial violence. But alas, they have the wrong colour skin, so what they did is therefore worse than what Jesse Smollett did, and that’s that.

This is, unfortunately, the course Western society is taking. Now that the modern radical left has completely appropriated academia (see here) it gets to dole out justice – or what is sees as justice – as it pleases. High society, of course, will enthusiastically approve of it. We’ve just witnessed proof of that.

We now live in a world where it is not considered racist to attack someone out of hatred for white people. Why? Well, it seems only white people can be racist. White people invented racism. This is actually what’s taught in our institutions of higher learning. Don’t believe the Booby? Listen to this idle-minded rant from a site cleverly called “Fuck White People”:

White people have been having a lot of feelings lately about “reverse racism” as if it’s a thing. White people made racism, and made sure it is deeply embedded in our social systems, law, economy, institutions and individuals. So this provocation is here to make you feel that “white pain”. Breathe deeply through it. I’m here to destabilize all of our white spaces.
Source:  Fuck White People

The sight goes on to warn us of all the usual things modern academia is promoting. Like the belief that non-white people can’t be racist under any circumstances. It also warns about such academic-sounding sins like “microaggressions”, and it of course comes with all the usual mandatory calls to destroy capitalism.

We can now see the consequences of having submitted to the attempt to install a single ideology which will subsequently dictate public policy for the foreseeable future. The radicals alone get to define what is “racism”, for example, and what it is not. This then gets passed down to our schools, and is popularized in the mainstream media and pop culture. And of course those prescribing to this ideology get to demand punishment for sins that they alone get to define as such.

“Racist” no longer means harbouring hatred or contempt for people of another race. It now means “a white creation that white people – and white people alone – inflict upon those of the non-white world”. Don’t agree with that definition, fellas? Too bad. It’s the definition that is now promoted on our campuses, and as we can increasingly see, it’s the definition creeping into both the legal system and popular culture.

This is the problem when one ideology can dominate debate. It’s professors and high priests alone get to define what is racist or sexist or homophobic, and typically these words get easily spun into accusations, and can thereby be used to silence, discredit, or destroy anyone who might dare question authority.

You don’t believe affirmative action is a good means by which to promote hiring equity? You’re a racist. It’s that simple in the modern age. Favouring a broad principle like hiring equity is not enough. You must also enthusiastically favour whichever policy prescriptions are handed down by the high priests… or you are a racist.

The language that gets taught in political science, sociology, or gender studies departments ultimately becomes the language we are subjected to in the media and in the court of law. I will conclude by posting an important video from Abigail Shrier of the Strategic Culture Foundation. Great power comes with the authority to control words, speech, and definitions. This power is now out of control.

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

Hopefully you watched the video. We now live in a society where you can be imprisoned for refusing to address someone by the pronoun they demand, but if you have the correct skin colour you can commit fraud and attempt to incite racial violence without repercussions.

What to do, then, fellas? For decades we have ignored or dismissed the goings on in academia because we thought it didn’t matter to us. It matters. In fact, in matters a thousand times more than which impotent politician you vote for. Lawyers, judges, schoolteachers, journalists, and bureaucrats cannot be voted out. They hold the real power in society, and they in all likelihood have learned to hate you on some level, and will even take pleasure in occasionally destroying you. It’s their ideology to do so, or as they call it, their “justice”.





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