Generation Douchebag: How Gen-X Became the Baby Boomers’ Bottom-Bitch

Well, fellas, look what the Baby Boomer generation hath wrought. We now have a Western World obsessed with gender wars, race wars, culture wars, and a descending pall of tyranny under the guise of political correctness. Hardly surprising, then, that we should also be seeing a reawakening of generational war.

Now, before the Booby continues he needs to make one clarification: when he talks about “generations”, like the Boomers or Gen-X, he’s talking about the wealthier, educated members of said generation. They’re the only ones the mainstream media or popular culture cares about anyway, so why fight it.

Yes, there were Boomers who did not follow their peers into the sewer of the academic new left, and there were Xers who didn’t flitter their time away listening to Marxist rock stars while playing video games. Unfortunately, their antipodes hogged all the spotlight, so a spotlight we shall cast.

Now, back to our topic:

If you think the Booby’s portraying the Baby Boomers as “Generation Douchebag”… well, you’d be wrong. Generation Narcissist, yes; Generation Spoiled Brat, sure; Generation Decadence, OK; Generation Civilizational Decline, absolutely. But Generation Douchebag? No. Let’s save that moniker for those who truly deserve it most: Generation X.

These strange creatures came from two sources: 1) there were those who were children of the WWII or Korean War generation but were born to their parents late enough in life to not get statistically bunched in with the Baby Boomers, and 2) there were those who were the first children of the very first wave of Baby Boomers.

Because of this dichotomy Generation X has no excuse for helping to usher in the sad times we find ourselves in today. You see, the Millennials are all-too-often pitiable, but we mustn’t blame them. They were the first generation to grow up completely under the yoke of the radical left-wing top-down revolution that seized control of the Western World starting in the 1960s.

The Millennials grew up in age where the crushing of freedom of speech and expression was perfectly normal and accepted, whether for reasons of preempting offence or to save someone’s feelings from being hurt. The Millennials grew up (well “grew up” is relative, but we won’t go there just yet) in an age when anti-white racism is also considered perfectly normal, as is hatred of men, and especially white men, and in a time when it is simply accepted wisdom that Western Civilization is evil and worthy of eradication.

You see, the Millennials know not what they do, and nor does Generation Z. For those of you who hail from these generations, free-thinking, self-reliant men should not in fairness hate you, only pity you.

On the other hand, Generation X was the last generation to grow up with the choice to both think freely and become self-reliant. It was the last generation to know anything of free speech and expression. It was the last generation to enjoy a society that understood how to discern the difference between humour and “hate speech”. It was the last generation to grow up without cell phones stapled to their wrists. It was the last generation with an opportunity to resist the wave of helicopter parenting sweeping the world. It was last generation with an opportunity to produce free-thinking, self-reliant men.

It failed. Miserably.


What it did produce was a pop culture of sycophantic bottom bitches for the Baby Boomers. Xer’s saw no reason to rebel against their parents. After all, when you grow up rich, spoiled, without rules, hopelessly addicted to television and pop music (which they considered “alternative” for some reason), and in an age when parents were “friends”, as opposed to authorities or disciplinarians, there is little to rebel against, except the occasional tantrum when the Sega console got taken away.

Of course, they did do some rebelling, courageous little creatures that they were. There was the phenomenon of the anti-globalization protest/riot, where wealthy, privileged white college kids would fly, on mommy and daddy’s dime, to whichever city was hosting an economic forum or trade talks, whether Seattle, Quebec, or Prague. There, they would selflessly chant slogans, leave behind a great deal of litter and rubbish, and vandalize the occasional McDonald’s outlet to express their solidarity with the workers and the poor, and their undying devotion to Mother Earth. What great fun that was!

Psst… hey douchebags. Mom and dad already did this. And they looked just as stupid as you.

Of course, this was not really “rebelling” at all. It was simply an echo of what their Baby Boomer parents and predecessors did in the 60s and 70s. Gen-X’s rebellion never took them anywhere except where they would receive an approving little pat on the head from mom and dad. The Boomers, for their part, watched their children’s temper tantrums fondly, whilst wiping nostalgic tears from their eyes, as they reminisced about the time when they, too, were stupid kids. Most of them still are.

Sure, a precious few Xer’s have half-heartedly tried to resist the pall of totalitarianism that academia continues to cast over society, including comedians (of all people) like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock (see here), but the silence that greets their minimal efforts from fellow Xer’s is deafening. Even half-hearted pleas for sanity by the occasional prominent Democrat (see here) gets lost in the chasm of whimpering silence. It’s the political correctness equivalent of that proverbial “fart in church”.

Thanks to Generation X the inevitable totalitarian legacy of the Baby Boomers’ revolution is secure:

Today it is considered normal that the local public school can have you arrested because your daughter drew a picture of you “shooting monsters and bad guys” (see here), or that a 6-year old be suspended and punished for making a gun with his hands (see here). Clearly, Gen-X has made great strides in curbing the ideological zealotry of the Boomers… or not. Douchebags.

The hippies’ war on violence (whether real or imagined) means it’s now unacceptable – read, illegal – that children be spanked, either by their parents or by their “co-parenting” teachers, but it’s perfectly acceptable for them to be arrested and led out of school in handcuffs when they misbehave (see here):  Thanks, Generation Douchebag.

The aforementioned “war on violence” is forgotten, of course, when it comes to bombing Arab countries in order to secure the West’s precious supply of oil… not to mention the high living standards that the “peace and love” generation continue to enjoy today (see here).

We’re waiting for Gen-X to forego their customary pat on the head from mom and dad, and call them out on this… but we’re still waiting, and waiting. It seems the new establishment, much like the old establishment, needs its imperial ambitions to keep its ass fat and its bank accounts flush. Fucking Douchebags.

NATO, led by the US, is currently bombing roughly a dozen countries, a number that seems to rise every year, even though neither Congress nor any parliament has officially declared war. Constitutions be damned, and the “peace and love” generation is fine with this, as are their Gen-X bottom-bitches. Douchebags.

Today, after over a half century of the new establishment’s nanny-stating policies, the West is more racially divided than ever. Meanwhile, US cities, like Chicago or New Orleans, make Afghanistan look peaceful by comparison (see here). Almost 70% of black children are born fatherless. “White genocide”, meanwhile, gets openly discussed on campuses, while philosophical arguments against affirmative action do not.

Of course, don’t look to Gen-X to point this out: these heroes tremble in fear of being called “racist” and dare not risk losing the affirming approval of mom and dad, that is to say, of the new establishment. Generation Douchebag, indeed.

As far as art and culture go, Gen-X is so utterly uncreative and mindless as to inspire laughter. Consider the band, Rage Against the Machine, who portray themselves as champions of the lowly, the oppressed, and the poor: the victims of the establishment, Capitalism, and corporate greed. Well, let’s look a little closer.

When not fondling his degree from Harvard (that cradle of the 1960s revolution of the privileged) guitarist Tom Morello is no doubt keeping himself busy counting his net worth of roughly $30 million. Only Gen-X could have produced Marxist rock stars and missed the irony. The only bigger douchebags than Rage Against the Machine are their fans, at least those stupid enough to take clowns like these seriously, including those of the so-called “conservative” bent, like none other than Paul Ryan or John Daly (see here).

Of course, Gen-X produced its fair share of other acts, too. And almost all of them were simply echoes of their Baby Boomer pimps. When not blowing their brains out or asphyxiating themselves they simply carried on the idle-minded sloganeering of the “new left” establishment.

Eddie Vedder, in full victimhood mode, swilling wine on stage.

Temple of the Dog, for example, exclaimed:

I don’t mind stealing bread
From the mouths of

Hmm, not sure if “decadence” includes millionaire weddings in Hawaii while surrounded by celebrities (see here), or if “decadence” includes millionaire Socialist rock stars drunkenly swilling wine during performances (see here), but the singer of said lyrics, Eddie Vedder, better hope not, lest someone steal his bread. Douchebag.

Of course, on a more serious note “decadence” is exactly what attracted the Baby Boomers to the far-left in the 1960s. Drinking, drugs, promiscuity, and hating your parents are natural urges for adolescents. Moreover, taking a passing interest in the plight of some less fortunate group is also a typical pastime of the rich. It provides them the attention they crave and the sheen of moral superiority that narcissists always seek. You see, it’s always all about them.

Now, the Baby Boomers, as we know, were a demographic bulge. It just so happened, as we also know, that their radicalization blossomed just as they approached adulthood (or at least some approximation, thereof).

This is actually normal. We all have our moments of idealism and foolishness in our youths. Even the omniscient Booby had his share of humbugs. In other words, we were just kids. Stupid kids. But unlike other generations the Boomers never had to grow up, nor ever admit that they were just stupid kids

As for Gen-X, it drank up the philosophy and the mindset which their parents still desperately cling to. Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, man. Down with Capitalism, down with Western Civilization, down with America, and down with the corporations.

Problem is, by the time Gen-X was approaching adulthood (or at least some approximation thereof) the old establishment had already been taken down. Their privileged anti-establishment predecessors had long since gone on to become our bureaucrats, our lawyers, our judges, our schoolteachers, our journalists, our politicians, our entertainers, and even our entrepreneurs in some cases (see here).

Oh sure, the 60s revolution was an embarrassing failure for the Baby Boomers. Corporations continued to exist, some semblance of Capitalism still remained, and the West – against all the expectations and predictions of our best and brightest – actually won the Cold War, at least militarily.

Fortunately for the Baby Boomers none of this mattered. They simply inherited the right to serve as our bureaucrats, our lawyers, our judges, our schoolteachers, our journalists, our politicians, our entertainers, and even our entrepreneurs…

Who was going to tell them they were full of shit? The media, who desperately wanted their eyeballs to show commercials to? The schools, which were now their personal playgrounds? The politicians, who desperately wanted their votes? Nope. The longest adolescence in human history continues to this day.

Gen-X, for its part, found nothing more original to do with its intoxicated and over entertained hours than parrot the silly refrains of a revolution long-since ended. And as with all stupid kids they found outlets for their rage, carefully suppressed, to be sure, lest any outright deviance threaten future employment with the corporations or ministries their forebares now ran. Even more ridiculously, they still had to parrot the new left lamentations once gushed by the Boomers of a long-past revolution.

The solution Gen-X found was exactly what you would expect from the scions of a decadent and self-absorbed “Me Generation”: namely, a decadent and self-absorbed pop culture, featuring millionaire Marxist rock stars, incoherent Michael Moore cinematic laments, and continued experimentation with ever more and ever newer drugs, like ice, ecstasy, and molly… oh, and the “I want to believe” refrain of the X-Files.

We mustn’t forget the Xer’s desperate attempt to find ever newer targets for juvenile hatred and rage. Except said targets could not be “the establishment” per se, for that would have greatly upset mom and dad who had comfortably settled into their new role. No problem:  they found hicks, rednecks, white males, trailer trash, Christians, rural people, and the white working class, deplorables all!

Indeed, hating white people, or at least the wrong kind of white people, was so easy for Gen-X. After all, they knew (or at least they thought they knew) that they would inherit the money, jobs, and power of the Boomers, so a little theatrical self-hate was harmless, and made for great speeches and grandstanding at those anti-globalization protests.

Hating of men, too, was good catharsis and effective theatre for Gen-X. Who, besides a generation of video-gaming urban hipsters, would be more receptive to the demonization of manliness? A generation of helicopter-parented, pampered, little boys who had never been spanked, disciplined, or told “no” were the perfect heirs to prep the way for “toxic masculinity” and #believewomen.

Turns out the Millennials weren’t the 1st generation of spoiled brats, after all.

So, for those of you Millennials and Gen-Zers reading this, take heart. The next time time you hear a Boomer or a Gen-Xer complain of your “sense of entitlement”, or of your frailty, or of your softness, remember who exactly created you in the first place.

We shouldn’t be surprised that the “Me Generation” would raise heirs and progeny they don’t much like, and then throw their arms up and as though it’s all your fault.

While you’re at it, ask these older critics how many world wars they fought. They’ve fought just as many as you: none. Now ask them if they had to start their lives crippled by student loan debt, debt incurred to keep the academics of the new establishment snug and secure in their white, suburban gated communities. Ask the Xers, in particular, why Trump supporters are now derided for opposing free trade and globalization, while they themselves once engaged sanctimoniously in gratuitous riots in the name of anti-free trade and anti-globalization.

Even better, the next time a Gen-Xer complains of your addiction to your smart phone, ask him how much time he spends on his own… or how much time he spends in front of his computer, or watching television, or listening to idiotic Marxist rock stars, or how many hours of his life have been pissed away playing video games or reading fucking comic books. The next time a Gen-Xer accuses you of being shallow ask him how much of his world view he derived from Hollywood, the Simpsons, or graphic novels, or how much was merely absorbed from the overgrown teenagers he called “mom and dad” or “teacher”.

Generation Douchebag, indeed.





2 thoughts on “Generation Douchebag: How Gen-X Became the Baby Boomers’ Bottom-Bitch

  1. How about a gen x’s who actually live anti establishment. I know quite a few. They don’t work corporate, don’t send their kids to school, are not rebublicans or Democrat’s, live nomadic, don’t use western medicine, some don’t do tv or movies etc etc. they exist. They are fewer and father between but they exist. Most people do sale out I get that but ask yourself why you never meet the gen x’s who did not? Some of us actually woke up and did not buy into the baby boomer ways which is basically preppy. Like we stayed married, knew our degrees were toilet paper, did not buy into the feminist beliefs to give your kids to an institution to raise, amoung other things. Yeah a lot of xer’s are brainwashed but some aren’t. I might go as far to so their are a few real hippies left from the boomers too. That don’t buy into commercial media. All the folks who don’t buy in or sale out are poor so we are invisable. I get what you are saying about rock and roll and how we all rebelled with Rock and roll. But the real question is where is rock and roll now? Who is rebelling now? Where is anger in music now? I hear mainstream music that is about sex, money, and love. There is no angst or politics in mainstream music period. And a lot of white kids alternative music is mild. I’d say Rap is realavent politically. How about Punk? That was nonsense too. Really Listen to the recording quality of people who actually played instruments. Sorry to say but stuff from the 60-90 music was more musically complicated than what most people listen to today musical fact. Maybe your just angry that you did not know how much fucking fun life was without technology or phones. We were more free.


    1. @Wt

      You asked:

      “but ask yourself why you never meet the gen x’s who did not? ”

      Early in the article the Booby gave the disclaimer that there were Boomers and Xers who don’t fit the media conception, ie. hippies or pampered, grunge-douchebag proto-snowflakes.

      That said, since they’re so few and far between, and since the mainstream media only cares about its own perceptions that’s what the article was concentrating on. It’s bit of harsh criticism for the mainstream interpretation of what these generations were. i.e. the mainstream’s interpretation of itself.

      That’s important because this article was as much about Millennials as Xers or Boomers. It has become increasingly mainstream for Xers and Boomers to deride Millennials for their entitledness, or for being snowflakes without ever cluing in that they created the world and parented these entitled snowflakes.

      Thanks for commenting.


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