About the Booby

Humans are driven by a perpetual and restless desire for power that ceases only in death.
– Thomas Hobbes

Welcome, fellas. The fact that you’re here means the Red-Footed Booby has piqued your curiosity.

The Booby is the narrator of this site. His mission is to help the modern fella of the Western World defend himself against a society gone hostile. Ours is an age of religious zealotry, my friends, but not for traditional religion as you know it, like Christianity or Islam. No, no, no. The fundamentalism of today comes in many forms, from political correctness, to a most vengeful brand of feminism, to the divisive and hateful racialism  now accepted in “good” society (see here), for example).

Those of you who are young probably don’t even know that a religious inquisition is underway in Western nations. You were taught in school that what is happening is normal and good, and if your parents were of the hippy generation or later you were probably told so at home, too.

Now, the Booby does not advocate a return to the traditional gods or religions of the past; that’s not the Booby’s business. He wishes only to caution you against the transgressions of the new zealotry and the new religion.

If you are a man – especially a young man – you find yourself today in a polity that increasingly sees you with contempt. If you’re also a good man as the majority of you are (flawed and imperfect, to be sure, but essentially good nonetheless) you are doubtless conflicted by the guilt and self-hate you are expected to feel.

The Booby is here to help clear your conscience. Being a man is nothing to be particularly proud of, friends, but nor is it something you should be ashamed of, either. Genuine pride or shame comes from the decisions we make in life, the actions we undertake, and the company we keep.

PrintIgnore an educational system that is hostile to you. Ignore an intelligentsia that hates the very idea of manhood. And ignore Hollywood and an arts community which have embraced the vindictive new religion. Whenever possible, the Booby will expose their rhetoric and hypocrisy.

Thus, the Red-Footed Booby offers humble opinion, news, and advice, for today it is up to individuals to educate themselves (don’t depend on your teachers to do that). A self-education can help shape you and your future. The cultural climate – if one can call it that – of the modern West seeks only to reduce your power, and make you pliant.

Thus, this site touches on a host of topics, including finance, travel, books, education, history, our female friends, and so much more, all to help you navigate a polity that seeks to cripple your intellect, your wealth, and your well-being.

Not everyone who clicks on The Red-Footed Booby will be able to act upon it. This site is not meant to entertain you. He can’t help everyone, but if one-in-ten is “literate” enough to benefit from the Booby’s experience then he’s done his job. So give it a read, no matter how young or old you are.

Best of luck, friends.

The Red-Footed Booby