The Un-Media

TVThe mainstream news media has become a sham, fellas. The less attention we pay to it the better off we’ll be. We’ve all heard of ‘alternative media’ and ‘alternative news’. We shouldn’t be ashamed to seek out alternatives, but we should be careful.

Behold, a quick sampling of sources to explore. Be warned: as with the regular media, alternative media is not without bias or agendas. When possible the Booby will advise you of what those are.

The Booby has tried to gather a variety of what’s out there, from various angles and viewpoints. As with all media, read these with both an open mind and some healthy skepticism.

In no particular order:

A voice for free speech and free expression from the UK. Consistently challenges the authoritarian tenets of “good society” and the academics who have cast the pall of political correctness over Western Civilization.

Seeking Alpha
Crowd-sourced and freelance financial information, research, advice, and opinion. An invaluable investing resource that doesn’t push an agenda, though individual authors may. It is up to you to make up your own mind.

The Rational Male
A good site for the “red pilled” man. It offers a more realistic assessment of the current, academia-instigated, gender wars than the mainstream media, who are themselves products of academia. A little on booky/wordy side but worth a look for those trying to understand how we even ended up in a gender war; however, it’s occasionally short on actionable advice.

Global Research
Outwardly left-wing. Predictably critical of all things right, but not afraid to criticize their own, especially when the mainstream left-wing media won’t.

This site has been accused of being ‘doom porn’, and not without reason. It will, however,  occasionally link you to stories the mainstream media is reluctant to cover.

Arts and Letters Daily
As the name implies, this site deals with more literary and philosophical matters. It’s a running collection of heady publications from around the world, and from around the political spectrum. Not really outside the mainstream per se, but unique for its openness to various ideological viewpoints.

Campus Reform
This is perhaps the most important of the lot. Yes, it’s overtly conservative, but this should not surprise, since conservative views are the most squelched by the modern campus. You may not think what happens on campus matters to you, but it is here that we produce our lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, teachers, historians, and journalists. If the campus becomes a one-party state, then the real state will follow.

Strategic Culture Foundation
Criticizes US and NATO foreign policy from a mostly left-wing perspective. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with them, you can’t accuse them of being beholden to any political party. That elevates them above most mainstream media.

A Voice for Men
A site for the men’s rights movement. Yes, its members can often sound every bit as much the hypersensitive ideologues as their feminist foes, but since they’re among the few people standing up for us fellas, we should definitely hear them out.

The Motley Fool
Another alternative source for financial discourse and information. Like Seeking Alpha its contributors are typically crowd-sourced and freelance. Contributors vary as do their viewpoints. No one’s holding your hand here.

Demands a more literate reader than many alternative media sites. Most importantly, it it is an arena where ideas may be freely expressed, “even dangerous ones”. This is something our colleges and universities used to do many decades ago.

Taki’s Review
Outwardly conservative, and often predictable for that reason. But it is unafraid to confront the high priests of political correctness, and frankly, we could use more of that these days.
No surprise, here. The site is devoted to those who believe they oppose war, and typically do so from a sharply left-wing perspective. What it boasts is a wide and more varied array of contributors, who collectively offer different perspectives, opinions, or arguments than you will find in mainstream left-leaning media.

Unz Review
All over the place, really. Some right-wing contributions, some far right. Some left-wing contributions, too, and some that are so strange as to defy labelling.

The megaphone for the Libertarian commentator, Mish Shedlock. Despite having things in common with both the left and the right, Libertarians also seem to have enough not in common to incur the contempt of both. Mish offers a good sample of Libertarian ideas.

World Socialist Web Site
Provides a good feel for current, radical left-wing thought. The overtones are darkly serious, and heavy in the moralisms one would expect from any ideologically-committed group, from any side of the spectrum.

The Epoch Times
Not your typical e-newspaper in that it doesn’t serve the political intelligentsia, but instead scrutinizes it… which is what the news is supposed to do, but stopped doing around half a century ago.

Fred on Everything
Not exactly a conservative columnist, not exactly a liberal; he’s a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll, and 100% Fred. You won’t always agree with Fred, but you can’t pigeon-hole him.

Farther to the left than the greater mainstream media. Offers good insight into current ideas cherished by the academic faction of the modern left, and seemingly in need of perceived hipness. What may seem far-left here will become mainstream within 5-10 years once Hollywood and the Oprah-worshippers catch wind.

The Daily Reckoning
Features multiple contributors, but have no illusions, this site is James Rickards’ baby. He has strong views, especially on central banking and foreign policy.

Of Two Minds
Deep, thoughtful news, commentary, and analysis from Charles Hugh Smith, a champion of free speech and alternative media.